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02:03 pm: April 2008 Monthly Roundup
02:10 pm: for fandom_muses: Bad situation - 10 cowards any day
02:26 pm: OOC: Fic Rec Friday...
10:05 pm: OOC: Frequently Asked Questions about Doctor Who and my roleplaying.
12:08 am: for writers_muses: Character Dossier #1
02:26 am: OOC and relativespace related - 17 cowards any day
11:54 pm: for muses_gonewild: Romanticizing the Automobile - 2 cowards any day
02:00 am: For Dorothy's Birthday (Which is actually on the 7th, but when have I ever been on time?) - 1 coward any day
02:25 pm: for couples_therapy: How Well Do You Know Your Spouse? - 31 cowards any day
09:22 pm: for makeyourlist: List of the things you love about your partner. - 50 cowards any day
01:14 am: for theatrical_muse: 3 am
02:57 pm: It's Fic Rec Friday!
03:46 pm: for muses_inthesack: Instrumental Inspiration - 24 cowards any day
09:27 pm: for makeyourlist (YA RLY): Marry, Shag, Throw off a Cliff - 64 cowards any day
07:39 am: for psych_30: Daddy Issues - 24 cowards any day
02:13 pm: ooc - 19 cowards any day
11:57 pm: for mind_the_muse: Parents' Advice - 255 cowards any day
01:13 am: for writers_muses: RP Prompt: Greatest Fear (A Trip to Gallifrey)
01:21 am: for writers_muses: RP Prompt: Greatest Fear (A Trip to Gallifrey)
02:45 am: How Do I Feel By The End of the Day? [Are You Sad Because You're On Your Own?]
06:57 pm: for whack_a_muse: Do you mind? - 4 cowards any day
10:58 pm: ooc
12:50 am: for psych_30: Repression
02:02 pm: It's Fic Rec Friday!
03:35 pm: Canoodling?? - 32 cowards any day
04:50 pm: Quick OOC thing - 14 cowards any day
08:03 am: Another OOC...I will write IC eventually this week... - 5 cowards any day
01:41 am: for badcompany_muse: Wrath - 6 cowards any day
12:43 am: for fandom_muses: Do diamonds last forever? If not, what does? - 3 cowards any day
08:15 pm: OOC: Recommendation Post & Other Stuff - 4 cowards any day
03:23 pm: for writers_muses: Who am I?
02:27 pm: for museimagination: Orient Express - 17 cowards any day
03:46 pm: Stolen from _call_me_snake_: A meme! - 3 cowards any day
07:44 pm: OOC: I'm finally fed up and you all get to listen in. - 94 cowards any day
10:01 pm: RP for tastefulfashion - 59 cowards any day
08:52 pm: For Sarah Jane's Birthday - 2 cowards any day
12:44 am: for psych_30: Rationalization - 14 cowards any day
07:33 pm: for onapostcard: Clean sky - 3 cowards any day
07:36 pm: OOC and Fic Rec Post!
11:17 pm: RP for ambitious_woman - 55 cowards any day
04:05 pm: May 2008 Roundup


doctor/tardis on top of the world
A Servant to Time and Consequence
Teaspoon And An Open Mind


"Rude? Is that the sort of man I am now, am I rude? Rude and not ginger..."

"Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? To be exiles?"

"One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no tears, no regrets, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."


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