February 21st, 2008

fic rec post

OOC: Recommendation Post

Sorry this one's a little late, but I've been collecting my favorites for the last two weeks as I've been out of town and such! So here they are! I'm still rather sick as a dog, so I apologize for this one's brevity. If you can't tell, I'm rather partial to that mind_the_muse prompt "Five Days You Never Had And One You Did"...brilliant stuff comes out of that! Hopefully there'll be a longer list next week!

Doctor Who

MTM Response: Shatter And Rebuild by savagestime
Heights by rosa_acicularis
Tall Tales by rosa_acicularis
The End by not_from_mars
TM Response: Impossible by susanwho (extra points for fulfilling the "Doctor, virginity" prompt!)
TM Response: Ring by ambitious_woman
Between Ash and Reprieve by kiwimouse
First of the Gang to Die by my_lonely_angel (spoilers for Torchwood 2.07 "Dead Man Walking")

Other Fandoms

TM Response: A Lie Your Parents Told You by john_h_holliday
MTM Response: Five Days You Never Had... by vote4nathan
MTM Response: Five Days You Never Had... by lovely_damage
MTM Response: Five Days You Never Had... by likeaparfet
doctor/tardis on top of the world

for muses_inthesack: Catch of Breath

Jack is in love with the Doctor.

The Doctor is a lot of things, but blind isn't one of them. He's known since before Cardiff, since a few days after they left 1942. Of course, Jack works very hard to tease and act relaxed about it, but the emotion is there, sitting heavy on Jack's shoulders.

He used to think it wasn't love. No, it was just Jack's way of loving someone. A rather large crush of sorts. It would go away eventually. Time would make him find someone else.

Collapse )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,507
*glee*, made of awesome!

Apparently sheeps say "meme". Brought to you by the letter H and my Seventh Self...

1. Horses: Especially ones named Arthur!

2. Harry Potter: Especially book number three, I found Barty Crouch Jr. quite fascinating.

3. Hair gel: Used for taming this big hair I've got this time around.

4. Housemartins, The: I don't know if anyone remembers the Housemartins but the best gig I went to was at the Scottish exhibition and conference center it must've been 1990 and the Housemartins were playing and it was quite simply the best gig I have ever been to. They broke up quite soon afterwards I can't tell you what that means about those particular events.

5. Harry Sullivan: Fantastic bloke, didn't spend nearly enough time traveling with him.

6. Hydrocorolators: Can never have enough of them if the internal hydraulics system of the TARDIS stops working.

7. Having a mole: I have one! Right between my shoulderblades! I love it!

8. Heroics: I've been known to engage in these, on occasion. But only on occasion. A very rare occasion. Occasionally.

9. Harriet Jones: More appropriately, overthrowing her in six words.

10. Humans: You lot have no idea how brilliant you are.

If you'd like a letter, comment and I'll pick one for you randomly.
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