January 4th, 2008

doctor is in(terfering again), glasses interfering

for theatrical_muse: Old Aquaintances

The terrible thing about time travel is sometimes you meet old acquaintances who don't know they're going to die very soon.

Like, take last April? Last April I was walking down the street. Simple street, middle of London, 1964. A year earlier and I would've risked bumping into myself, which was always awkward. Not that I don't adore my other selves, splendid fellows and all that, they're just so dreadfully difficult to deal with. Ooooh, I like that. Alliteration. Dreadfully difficult to deal---anyway.

So I was walking along Cherry Tree lane when I hear the most peculiar noise. Now, let's take my lifestyle into the whole scheme of things and peculiar is peculiar when you're me. It sounded like singing, which does happen on rare occasions on some planets, but is far more likely in the Sweetoptian Galaxies---dreadful places, you burst into song without warning. As it was, London? 1964? Just doesn't happen. So, naturally, I followed the sound to find several schoolchildren dancing around on some sidewalk drawings. Singing about spoonfuls of sugar or something or other, I wasn't really paying attention.

You see, it was their Nanny I had my eye on. Not just any Nanny, no. She was like me. A Time Lord. Well, Time Lady. Obviously in a timeline before the War. Simple dress, black umbrella, and a strange black hat with white flowers on it.

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Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,364