November 15th, 2007

pain curled over

for psych_30: Castration Anxiety

It's never easy, breaking a bone. Even being a Time Lord with accelerated healing capabilities doesn't make up for the pain of broken bone, torn muscle, and internal bleeding. So, he's being a bit of a child about the whole thing and feeling fairly good about that.

Of course, he actually currently has six broken bones and Bert, the bloke who has taken breaking the Doctor's bones on as a sort of occupation, has promised to break at least thirteen more. He went so far as to describe how each would break, and the Doctor couldn't help but wonder how a man with such an eloquent manner of speech, articulate vocabulary, and gift for stunning descriptions wound up in the middle of this prison planet.

Not enough good writers out there, but telling Bert so only resulted in a broken femur on the Doctor's part. No one can take a compliment nowadays, it appears.

It's been one of those weeks. Of course, being a non-linear, non-time-subjective time traveler makes judging exactly how long of a "one of those" he's been having not particularly easy.

As it is, he hasn't much cared for the turn of events that have ended him in a situation in which six of his bones are broken and two more look like they're giving in to the pressure to be like the first.

So, given the rather unpleasant nature of his state, one might ask what, exactly, has brought our hero to this place? For the more philosophically angled readers, one might say that the path of the Doctor to the prison planet torture chamber was written with time itself. Collapse )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,723
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for nopassenger

Quick trip, then get her back home. It was good, it was like when they first started traveling together, only she was more seasoned and he was less steel-heartsed after losing a companion. It would be fun, and he was fairly certain he could convince her to travel a few more after this one, or at the very least take the scenic route home.

It was everything in him not to bounce up and down in excitement.

"Right!" he grinned at his companion over the console. "Anywhere in particular you'd like to take a trip to? Whole of the universe at your fingertips, Martha Jones. Just tell me where."