June 28th, 2007

doctor/tardis on top of the world

RP for Dr. Chase, cause we ain't done it in a long time!

Right, so, this was not where the Doctor had planned on spending his afternoon. A hospital? He hated hospitals! (At least this one wasn't on the moon, and he wasn't admitted, yet.)

The Krillitane had to be around here somewhere. He saw it, flitting in and out of the alleyways, before disappearing here. He didn't see its human form, so he couldn't tell where it had gone. Security gave him looks. He had to blend in, find it.

So! John Smith suddenly had stomach cramps (a catch-all illness for one who rarely got ill), and sat in line to wait for the clinic doctor. Hopefully the monster would foul up, walk wrong, and the Doctor could tell where it had gone.
man who wasn't there

RP for doctorsplusone, preparatory work for lies_companion, mid-story

The Master.

Of all the Time Lords to survive. Couldn't have been a nice one, no. Couldn't have been Romana or...well, that sort of cleaned out his list of the nice Time Lords he knew, but there had to be more.

The Doctor looked in through the coral-rimmed window to the cell where his old enemy sat. He'd wanted to remove them, those little cells that were installed in the TARDIS by the Time Lords "just in case" during the War. Now, he was grateful for them. Somewhere to put the Master before he could figure out what to do with him.

Rage boiled beneath his skin. The Master and Rose. And he used to believe Rose would know him, not think this monster with a Time Lord's body could possibly be...but no, she didn't know. And he couldn't help but resent her for that.

He pushed away from the door and stalked down the hallway. He had a whole TARDIS to inspect for traps and injury.
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