February 6th, 2007

doctor/tardis on top of the world

OOC: Hihi!

Heyo! It's OOC post again, yay!

I've been getting friended a lot lately, probably because I've tossed m'self out there with my Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc story (whose next part is coming, I promise!) Since there are so many new people, I just wanted to drop a few quickie notes to y'alls.

#1: I don't friend back mun/non-puppet journals. No offense to anyone at all, it's for my own sanity. As such, I also don't RP with non-pup journals. I'll RP with almost any character journal, s'not a problem, but non-pup journals end up confusing or complex, and I like to keep it simple.

#2: For all non-pup journals---please don't hesitate to comment on stories or prompts! That's why I put them out there, to get commented and criticized and improve my writing. Remember that replies to you will always be OOC, I only reply in-character to pup journals. Again, it's no offense to anybody, just for the sake of my sanity.

#3: For players---I love meeting new players and playing with people. Just remember, in my real life I'm not a time-traveling and devilishly sexy Timelord, I'm a retail manager with a 47-hour-a-week job. Therefore, I don't have a ton of time, and RPing/writing is my hobby. I do this for fun, but occasionally I'll be offline (probably sleeping or hanging with my much-neglected significant other), or my tags will be slow (probably overwhelmed). I never, ever mind the occasional prod if I've missed a thread (thank you, earnestly_wilde and earth_defender, who are always superpatient with me), and I'll catch you.

#4: Where I play---I play in a couple of communities that I love to absolute pieces, and threads will occasionally take place in this journal. I love to see people following along and commenting/constructively criticizing (but I also understand if following RP threads isn't your cup of tea). Where I play/prompt:
Roleplay Only: relativespace
Writing Only (from the aforementioned roleplay): relativeprompts
Writing/Roleplay: theatrical_muse
Writing Only (occasional roleplay by request): realmof_themuse
Writing Only: fandom_muses

Lots of prompties, only a few RPies, cause, like I said, my RP time is limited. I do the occasional one-on-one, just ask.

Last but not least, please enjoy my work and have a good time reading. I love comments, please feel free to drop me one whenever; if you liked it, didn't, thought it needed more smut (Smut in Doctor Who?!), just let me know!

Oh, yeah, and criticizing =/= wank. Wank my journal and I'll b& your ass faster than you can say "Exterminate!"

Questions/Discussion, right here baby. =)

Peace, Out.
doctor/rose laying new earth, travel new earth

for theatrical_muse: What are you waiting for?

He's waiting for you.

One foot's inside that impossible blue box, and the other is planted firmly on planet Earth, but the way he's grinning you're pretty sure he's already gone. Words are pouring out of his mouth, something about planets you've never seen, worlds you've never encountered. The skies burning, the seas asleep, and dreaming rivers and for all you know he's making it up, but from the way he's saying it, you're pretty sure he's not.

He asks you if you've ever seen a life like that. Naturally, you say no. Or maybe you paste on a bit of a sarcastic statement about Bristol or something, it doesn't matter. He knows you've never set foot off of this stupid rock you've been on since you were born, and your dreams are the only place you've ever seen anything even resembling the worlds he's describing.

He smiles. Shifts from foot to foot. Scratches the back of his head. It's an almost awkward moment, and you can see from the lines in his face he's embarrassed over how awkward it is. It reminds you of a first date, or the first time you admitted to someone that they were your best friend. Awkward, but far from a bad way. More in an anticipating way. You want to move onward, but you don't want to mess the moment up.

"You could always come with me," he says. He glances up at you, then, smiles. For the first time since you've met him, you realize he's not the thirty-something he looks like, he looks older, and this question is far from the first time he's asked it. There's something there, though, underneath his eyes. A sense of pleading, like he needs you. Needs someone, maybe you're just filling an empty pair of shoes.

But those shoes are in a ship that can take you anywhere, any era, any galaxy, any time. And just from how you two have interacted over your little adventure, there's no doubt that he's flexible enough to make the shoes fit.

You realize you've been standing there for a moment, not replying, because he pipes up with, "You could stay here, if you want. Go back to work, have a few plates of chips. S'a life, far from a bad one. I've always wanted a normal life." He pauses, and a rather naughty little grin appears on his face, "But then again, where would be the fun in that, eh?"

He takes another step in, pushes open the other door. "Whaddya say?"

He's waiting for you.

What're you going to reply?

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 433