November 26th, 2006

doctor/tardis on top of the world

for theatrical_muse: Dance

When the dance starts, you are alone.

You expect this, of course. You're used to being alone.

A woman takes your hand, pulls you onto the floor, whisks you off your feet. You shouldn't care for her, shouldn't love her---after all, you are so different from the rest of them. Eventually a little girl dances between you, and you're happy. Blissfully, unapologetically happy. Then they spin away, and you're alone again.

Jo. Another woman spins back to you, curly blonde hair and an elfish face. She grins up with a bright, enthusiastic smile, and for the first time in years, you feel young. Another man taps her on the shoulder---he's like you, but more human, and he pulls her away.

Sarah Jane. A bright and innocent brunette pulls you into the dance this time. She's all bold and brave, with big smiles and a heart that is sturdier and surer than the two that beat beneath your chest. She's got big patchwork suns on her striped vest, and you feel brilliant and brave when you spin her out. She doesn't come back from the spin, of course.

Romana Blonde and bright-eyed, another woman spins back, instead. She is your match, in many ways. Wit, intellect. She knows the dance so very well, and she's not ashamed to tell you that she knows it better than you. You only grin back that crooked grin of yours and twirl her, letting her schoolgirl skirt (so silly and immature for one as old and wise as she) spin around her. She takes her own leave from you, wishing to explore the ballroom rather than keep your hands linked in dance.

Nyssa. A fairy-skirted princess with long, raven curls tugs you into the dance this time. She's like you in many ways, yet so very different. You're shyer, now. It's harder to accept that she wants you, that her biting words and brilliantly know-it-all ways are only to impress you. You do, of course, figure it out---but only as she's spinning away.

Grace. An older woman spins back, shoulder-length ginger hair and a beautiful teal opera gown. She's experienced, and when she wants you to kiss her---which she does---she just tells you, doesn't wait, doesn't hesitate. She took your life, it's only proper you save hers. She wants you to leave the dance floor with her and it's tempting---oh, so tempting, but you don't. You can't. You're not ready.

Reinette Her opera gown spins out, and a corseted blonde beauty spins back. She, too, holds the mark of experience, having known you all her life, she's put a claim on you, one you easily accept, want, need. Your hand on her hip, her fingers entwined with yours, and you would like nothing more than to learn her dance as she teaches it to you. You're distracted for a moment and she's gone. That's always the way that it is.

Rose You take the hand of another blonde, this one insanely young and far too naieve. Your dance is joyful, happy, complete. She melts the ice that's settled around your hearts and makes you more...human, again. Heals the wounds that the War left behind. You dip and spin her, but neither of you can hold on, and before you know it, she's gone.

And you're alone again.

You expect this, of course. You should be used to being alone, by now.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 576