November 15th, 2006

doctor/rose laugh, laughter

roleplay for ibringlife

It was probably...well, wrong for the Doctor to simply lounge about in the beat-up couches of the kitchen and dining area while Rose attempted to scrub up the pots and pans that had been sitting in the sink for practically ever.

The Doctor was a quintessential bachelor, cleaning up after himself? Completely not a priority. Even with the new companions to be traveling with them. The ship didn't look that bad.

"That's the one thing I do miss about Mickey," he thought aloud, still unmoving from his spot on the couch, "Always did the dishes." Perhaps only because the Doctor had told him they all had chores (chores! pssh!), and his was dishes. What was the Doctor's? Washing the car. The boy could not be the brightest color in the box sometimes.
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