October 18th, 2006

doctor/tardis on top of the world

It's Not Funny.

I'm not entirely sure how this happened.

All I know is I'm very, very irritated by this entire situation.

And it clearly is Rose Tyler's fault, however this happened.


And I kind of want chocolate.

OOC: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the crack!ness of doom. The Doctor is currently a woman, thanks to the prankishhness of the Sam and the ideas of Rose. He will remain so for probably about a week, please feel free to tag him or drop me a line if'n ya wanna do a bit of goofing-off RP!

Remember, I'm a retail-workin'-mun, and sometimes threads get a little slowtimey.

All current-acting plots, including the AU with Reinette, the Stardusting with Rose and Byron, and the Faerie travel with Aislinn will continue as normal, consider the Doctor's transformation to just sorta take place in a different time to the rest!