October 6th, 2006

doctor/tardis on top of the world

roleplay for alainn_aislinn

At least Byron wouldn't be on the ship long enough to try to shag Rose. Just the idea of that irritated the Doctor in new and interesting ways.

Why was this Byron fellow getting under his skin? Maybe because he was the sort of capable, charming type that could take Rose away from the Doctor if he tried hard enough. Maybe it was because the Doctor had more than a few of Byron's poetry books, and therefore couldn't call the man anything but a genius in the literary sense.

So frustrating.

Not as frustrating, of course, as the TARDIS was being. It kept registering a non-human lifeform within the console room. At first the Doctor figured it was reading Rose (after the Time Vortex incident, she never did show up as fully human according to the TARDIS scanners), but she'd been gone for a good fifteen minutes, now, and the scanner shouldn't have been continually reading her.


He looked up and around the console room. Nothing was there...or was it?
man who wasn't there

roleplay for ibringlife, the_corsair and ambitious_woman

The Doctor flipped a few final switches on the TARDIS console, adding the information he'd just recieved about Aislinn into the systems, should he ever run across another muse like her again. Well, he doubted it would be exactly like her, but...the same genus at least.

He turned, picking up the teacups that were left behind. Funny, he would've thought Rose would've been back by now. The sound of a familiar key in the lock made him look up. Speak of the devil...