October 2nd, 2006

doctor/tardis on top of the world

roleplay for ibringlife

On the Doctor's very own personal list of stupid ideas for this century, taking Lord Byron---poet, seducer and Rose's current crush, of all the bloody stupid things---to see Madame de Pompadour was up there somewhere in the top ten, possibly only behind that time he decided to call King Lucius of Farenzworth's wife a "drabble of primordial slime" while rather intoxicated.

There was the concepts of history to consider, there was the time distortion and ripple affects that Byron's presence in the 18th century, and there was also the matter of Reinette. The Doctor had mourned for her, privately, for some time, and seeing her again (on top of the ripples it would cause) would only reopen a scabbed wound.

He scowled a bit at himself, at his stupidly bendable will to Rose, and flipped a few switches on the TARDIS, setting courses and checking fluid levels. If all went well, he'd have Byron there and back in a few moments. If a fluid level was down or something malfunctioned, he might've been stuck with the man for longer.