September 9th, 2006

fed up


Due to some issues, I'm afraid I'm going to have to initiate some "rules" to the Doctor's journal. I hate to do this, but I'm afraid I've seen some issues pop up both here and in some friend's journals that concern me a bit. The new rules shouldn't affect most of you. Those that it does, I apologize. This is the way it's going to have to be.

1) No more anonymous commenting. If you wanna comment, you want to have a livejournal. Period.

2) There will be no more RP with personal journals. I have ZERO problem with RL journals friending the Doctor, in fact, I'm flattered you want to read. I don't mind OOC praise/criticism/linkage/whatever in prompts and ficlets, but I will not be replying IC anymore. No exceptions.

3) My journal = MY RULES. You write something offensive to me? I am at complete liberty to humiliate the hell out of you then b& your ass. Oh, yeah. I SO just said "b&". Cause I'm all hot like that.

4) I am a busy person. I have a real life. I love this journal and I love playing with anyone and everyone, but if I have real life obligations...well, I'm sorry to be leavin' yo ass all cold and shit, but you're going to have to a) give me a GENTLE nudge and then b) WAIT like a real person and I WILL reply/play/get to you. There is exactly one person I have had a problem with this, and they know who they are. So cut it out. If you're concerned it's you? Please do comment and I'll clear it up. Warning: if it is you, I will tell you that it is.

5) If you want criticism from me, I will give it, no problem. However, I give criticism like I want to recieve it: Honestly. If you suck? I WILL tell you. I am far from a mean person (my Mommy tells me so), but I am an honest one. If you're looking for mindless happinesses, go post in time_and_chips, I'm sure someone will boost your ego.

The attitude in this post? Oh, it's bad, I know. I'm in a terrible mood. If you're looking to friend me randomly, oh, I'm a nice person. Just don't make me mad.