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for charloft: Munday: Talking to characters

1) Do you ever 'talk' to your characters?
Actually, I don't. I've tried, but it doesn't really work for me. I write for the Doctor, all right? He doesn't listen to anybody but the Doctor.

2) Do they talk back?
I've had "chatty muse" syndrome before. But for me it's like a constant ongoing story. Stories tend to come to me fully formed but in mix-matched pieces and I have to put the whole thing together later. I get the stream-of-consciousness stories sometimes, but they're generally in story form. I don't do very well with first person in writing and the Doctor doesn't "speak" to me, per say, but I do get stories for him.

3) Is there a particular ritual you have that lets you get in touch with your inner voices?
I re-read old threads that I thought were particularly good and watch episodes of the tone that I would like to write. This one clip tends to help as well, as it gives a good cadence on the Tenth Doctor's voice and speech pattern. It's basically two minutes of continuous talking.
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