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A relativespace celebration!

In case you weren't aware, it is entirely possible that the Doctor is the world's worst husband. Not only is he a mean, insufferable jerk, he also is exactly 41 days late for his one year anniversary.

So, he does not say anything, instead leaves lots of shiny, wrapped packages in the console room, with the hope that she might forgive him.

There is a note:

I've never been quite on time, but I never forget.
Happy Anniversary.
Je t'aime,
The Doctor.

A silkscreen framed print of Henri Matisse's "Madame De Pompadour", along with a note attached:
See, you make it into 'modern' art. If we were a few hundred years in the future, you even have a style of plane named after you.

One of the few surviving books from Madame De Pompadour's library collection. Shakespearean sonnets. There is no note attached.

A silver evening gown and two tickets to an Italian Operahouse. There is a note attached:
Fancy a holiday?
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