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OOC: It's Exciting!

Yay yay! There are a few new awards stuffs coming out, and I'm here to tell you to GO NOMINATE PEOPLE. Like, srsly. Go forth, nao.

What, you want to be told wtf I'm talking about? First of all, there's the brand new arpea_awards, which look like a ton of fun! They're a little vote-and-recognize your favorites community, which is the sort of environment I love. I'll be voting for my favorites out there, I hope to see you vote for yours! Go vote for the people you adore and have fun!

Cast Your Nominations in the Arpea Awards Here

Also, for anyone in writers_muses, they are taking nominations for favorite prompts/stories in their community for an upcoming awards ceremony, which is also superexciting! GO NOMINATE! They're one of my favorite prompt communities, so I hope to see the awards get off the ground!

There's also an upcoming Doctor Who-centric awards community to be opened soon, I'll keep y'all in the loop as more progresses!

And, when in doubt, rude_not_ginger makes an excellent nomination!

Also, I better not see savagestime/salvagestime beating out rude_not_ginger/ninewho for best M/M couple, Y'ALL HEAR ME? I don't care how brilliant they are!

Also, for your consideration (aka, here I am, PIMPAGING EARLY):

-Choice Large Prompt Community
(and there are so many others that are great!)
-Choice Small Prompt Community
(and there are so many others that are great!)

B. Roleplaying Games
-Choice Large Fandom RPG
-Choice Small Fandom RPG
teafor_three (though I'm not sure if a three-on-three counts...)
-Choice Large Multi-Fandom RPG
-Choice Small Multi-Fandom RPG
-Choice RPG Mods Of The Year
The mods of realityshifted
The mod of relativespace

And, as no award spam post would be complete without it, here's a video!

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