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RP for its_notluck...arrested in New York

Right, well, after calling Claire to let her know where to find him, the Doctor leaned back in his cell and grinned at the guard. The guard looked away quickly and walked off.

Well, there were worse situations to be in. Destruction of private property wasn't so bad. It wasn't as if he'd meant to land the TARDIS on that police car, he just materialized wrong and it fell.

And then the police seemed to think he was "suspicious" and "weird". He wasn't that weird! He had no idea why people kept thinking he was. But then they locked him in this cell with this cot that was completely uncomfortable. And telling them that the Draconians had better accommodations for prisoners was not the best idea in the universe, either.

He hoped Claire would show up soon. His back was starting to get sore from sitting on this bed.
Tags: featuring: claire bennet, roleplay: incomplete
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