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for theatrical_muse: Write page 57 of your 300-page autobiography.

at once.

Though I am disinclined to believe the nonsensedidn't believe them one bitanything that young man was spouting, I had no choice but to follow him. When trapped in a situation such as myself, ChesterderIan, and Susan were in, one has no choice but to accept the "kindness" of strangersenemies.

While Susan and I continued to stay strong despite the dire circumstancesthe thrilling and death defying circumstances, it was the young man ChestermanIan that fell into despair. Believing that young womanBarbara had been killed affectedeffectedaffectedeffectedupset him in a way that I have never seen before. It's obvious now to me, later in life, that he was in love with her. Even later in life, it's obvious why he never moved forward. I wonder if he regrets it.

All the same, by terrifying and dangerous swordpoint we were led into the diamond-crusted(it was not diamond-crusted!)castle. I took note of the wall structure, oozing with alien mucous and how decidedly human the entire place appeared , even if I was the only one noticing, brilliant as I am. The architecture, the furniture, even the clothes (despite their obvious lack of sartorial taste) on the monstrocitiesmonstrosities that had imprisoned us. Not imprisoned exactly, more held at a rather nasty swordpoint and forced about in a direction we didn't exactly want to go. Which is sort of like being imprisoned. Actually, it's the very definition of being imprisoned. Though if you go by the classical definition of being imprisoned, and I'm looking at you, me in my third incarnation, well, then you're left with a much more confusing outcome of this entire situation. In fact, one might say that whether or not we were even imprisoned is really...I'm not entirely certain where I'm going with this, moving on!

But of course they hadn't killed that young womanBarbara, they wanted to be like us! It was so painfully obvious, though I could not tell ChestermoorIan or Susan what I hadfigured out.

I often find myself in situations where my intellect far outshines those around me.

Moving onwards along to certain undeniable doom , which is not to be confused with other types of doom we were led down through a series of corridors (why is it always corridors?) to a large antechamber (why is it always large antechambers?).

"Good evening," a creature said, his voice a menacing roar. I could feel a chill to my bones, like the creaking of an old door (That doesn't make any sense!)

Sitting on a large, glass throne was a slimy, green, obviously evil monster more terrifying than anything I had ever seen. Until my second incarnation Until my third incarnation Until my fourth incarnation Until my fifth incarnation Until my sixth incarnation No, I'm fairly certain my seventh incarnation saw scarier things. Until my eighth, and most attractive incarnation. Until my ninth and best dressed (not to mention best looking incarnation. Until the bravest, best-haired, best-dressed and most brilliant incarnation of all, the tenth. (And don't even think about striking this out, next Doctor!)

Muse: The Doctor (One)(Two)(Three)(Four)(Five)(Six)(Seven)(Eight)(Nine)(Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 550
Tags: community: theatrical muse, featuring: the eight doctor, featuring: the fifth doctor, featuring: the first doctor, featuring: the fourth doctor, featuring: the ninth doctor, featuring: the second doctor, featuring: the seventh doctor, featuring: the sixth doctor, featuring: the third doctor
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