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for makeyourlist: List Of Things I Have Done To Save The Human Race (Today)

Diary Entry. Subject: Things Done Today In Order To Preserve The Human Race
Current Mood: Accomplished
Note: Not Necessarily In This Order

-Sorted out that mess with the Hadron Collider, kept the human race from obliterating itself With a black hole. Note: Re-check in two months to keep project overwhelmed.

-Rediverted Sontaran Battle Cruisers back towards Sontar 4. I must say, the use of the wind re-direction mechanism on Jupiter was downright brilliant.

-Drained Torchwood 1 of their weapons' funds.

-Found three Graske breeding fields in Northern Wales, cleared them out. Though why didn't the locals notice screaming little monsters running about? Must talk to Jack about this.

-Made phone call to the Brigadier, stopped those ridiculous Microsoft commericals. Which really only preserved the sanity of Americans (such as it is), but it's something at least.

-Sat in on peace talks with the Neotinis and the Fretreras over new development areas. Reminded General Fre that mosquitos on Earth are considered an endangered species and the planet can therefore not be vaporized to make room for a parking lot. Not planning on dealing with that again.

Current Plans For Tomorrow

Save the world? I don't know, I make this part up as I go.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 200
Tags: community: make your list
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