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Happy Birthday Fred! (Once again, forwarded to Sept 18th, otherwise he'll miss it!)

The gift is sent to the Wolfram & Hart science department and is placed underneath Fred's desk for her discovery. It is entirely possible the box may be larger on the inside.

A book carving with hinges to open up to a tiny viewscreen.

A note is attached:
Happy Birthday, Fred! Here's a Serestri book holder. It contains all modern works of poetry from the 12th to the 20th century. If you wish to download more, just wave the little attached clip against the spine of the book and it will download automatically to your carrying book. Oh, don't download anything by Sean Hannity, though. It causes chip malfunctions.
The Doctor

Also included, a telescope. Further proof the box may have different dimensions.

A note is attached:
Keep an eye on the stars.
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