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Happy Birthday Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie! (for Sept 18th, cause otherwise he'll miss it!)

Although the Doctor does not know tm_aurora or speed_of_snark very well, he never likes to miss a birthday. Two gifts are sent out to each of the twins.

First, for each of them there is a cake, which the Doctor may or may not have made himself (eat at your own risk).

For Jeanne-Marie, two champagne flutes.

A note is attached:
Happy birthday! As we met over champagne, I found it only fitting to find you something reminiscent of that night! Also, they're pink! And have cute little hearts!
Hope you like!
The Doctor

For Jean-Paul, a pair of knee pads.

A note is attached:
Happy birthday! I know we don't know each other very well, but I figure with all you do you might need a little safety precaution. Can't move so fast and not bump into things, and for proper running we need our knees.
Also, I can't figure out why Jack is laughing so hard. I think this is a great gift!
Hope you enjoy!
The Doctor
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