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for aces_are_rare's birthday...(It's on the 20th, but I know I'll be late!)

The package is left outside his previous self's TARDIS, because entering his own TARDIS in the past seems a bit too dangerous to try out. The box is shiny, silver, and has a note attached:

Happy birthday, Ace! Just keep it up, you're brilliant as ever.
The Doctor

There is a note attached:
I know you have a motorbike, figured it was about time you got appropriately "wicked" boots to wear while you ride it.

There is a note attached:
Yes, yes, I know it's a bit girly for you. But it's pretty and shiny and can help you hold up your hair when we go out to fancy places...
Tags: featuring: dorothy "ace" mcshane, topic: gift giving
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