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Otherstide 2008

For those of you who aren't aware, in the Time Lord cycle of holidays, it's Otherstide, also know as a Othersmass and the Festival of Freedom. Depending on how you calculate the days, Otherstide either falls in the middle of March or the middle of August, and since all the other Time Lord holidays fall in the spring, I figure we can celebrate Otherstide now. What is Otherstide, you might ask?

Basically, Otherstide is a Gallifreyan celebration surrounding the Other, Rassilon, Omega, and some bloke named Cartmel. It involves staying indoors, trading gifts, and general merriment.

So, it's a time of gift-giving for Time Lords. And the Doctor knows quite a few. So, if you're a Time Lord and the Doctor knows you, you can expect to find one of these near your door.

For Jenny

With attached note:
Happy Otherstide, Jenny! Figured it's about time you got one of these of your very own. What is it, you might ask? Why, it's a TARDIS! Well, it's a growing chunk of TARDIS, freshly given from me and my TARDIS to you. In about three hundred years or so, it'll be ready for carving, then it'll start to grow its own console room, then eventually its own rooms! Just be patient, make sure to bathe it in Huon energy once a week, feed it the enclosed TARDIS feed every day, and make sure you play it Barry Manilow at night, I find that helps TARDISes develop a very loving personality.
Drop me a line if you have any questions.

For Susan

With attached note:
Happy Otherstide, Susan! This is from Marie Antoinette's personal dress collection. Did you know that the two of you wear the same dress size? Hopefully not the same neck size! All the same, it's pretty and covers up most of you so I think you might like it.
Remember that time with the Reign of Terror? Blimey, I was so young.
Anyway, take care, I hope you like it!

For Romana

With attached note:
Happy Otherstide, Romana. This is a Xexocian Memory Butterfly necklace. It will hold any precious memory within the blue crystal for you to call upon whenever you desire. I hope you like it.
The Doctor.

For Manisha

With attached note:
You need more pink things.
Happy Otherstide!
Your Loving Husband

For The Third Master

There is no note attached.

For The Sixth Master

With attached note:
Happy Otherstide, Master! And before you ask, yes, it is what you think it is. All the rage in the year 2033, the cybernetic puppy! It's the model for the hyperactive and angry child, the one that will love you no matter what you do to it! I've done a bit of tweaking so the dog doesn't chew on things or feel pain, so if you get into one of those moods and want to hurt it, it can't do anything but love you.
The Doctor

And we can't forget the gifts he got for himself...

For the Fifth Doctor

With attached note:
Because all dashing blokes should have one. Why don't you have one yet?

For the Seventh Doctor

With attached note:
It's transparent and never, ever burns toast! Isn't that brilliant? I want one of these!

For the Eighth Doctor

No note attached or necessary.

For the Ninth Doctor

With attached note:
So you can look less like a chipmunk. Or possibly more like one. And it matches those shoes you never wear!

For the Tenth Doctor

With attached note:
I wanted this. I thought, therefore, you might want this, too.

For the Duplicate Tenth Doctor
A card.

I don't hate you.
Happy Otherstide.

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