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OOC Post of not so much fun.

So about a month ago I made a wonderfully cryptic post about doing a prompt-plot idea to last the summer that a bunch of people replied to or IMed or emailed me about. The idea was to have a topic (I had thought of the athlete's feet turning up on the beaches of British Columbia ETA: Thanks for pointing my geographical error, not_from_mars!) pop up in muses' prompts, very like Bad Wolf or Torchwood did in S1 and S2 of Doctor Who. The idea was that by the end of the summer our muses could discover the "source" of the feet and have a great big boss battle and it could be a blast. Unfortunately, due to my RL being a pain I haven't had a chance to flesh anything really solid out.

But, since I lack the ability to form coherent thoughts on that idea, my brain formed new ones. Thus, I have New Ideas™ that may or may not be rockin'. I'm great(ish) at ideas but terrible at execution (especially lately with the sick). Anyone who might be interested in plot-formation or community creation, drop me an email or a message here?

Poll #1234447 And Just Because...

My muse is...

On the run from something/someone
Chasing something/someone
Willing to assist the chased
Willing to assist the chasers
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