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Dear Martha's Mother Mrs. Jones Francine,

Lest you think that I'm not taking your daughter to safe, educational places, I'll have you know that today I took her to see Billy Holiday at a local jazz club. Quite a momentous experience for the music industry and the history of influential women in America.

Of course, halfway through the performance a gang of robotic Nazi soldiers arrived, tried to kill everyone, and we had to defeat them using only the power of Ms. Holiday's voice. Let me just tell you, though, no matter how scratchy all that screaming made her voice, she ended up saving the world!

Martha said it was lots of fun. She's also told me not to tell you about any of this because you'll worry. Really, though, what's there to worry about? Martha can handle her own! You should've seen her take on that Nazi leader!

Talk to you later, we're off to the Jurassic era to learn about the velociraptor. I don't imagine it'll be a very eventful day.


The Doctor

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 176
Tags: community: on a postcard, featuring: francine jones, featuring: martha jones
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