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for makeyourlist: OOC: The Things I Learned While RPing with ambitious_woman

In which I get sentimental...so SHHH. I'm allowed my sentimental moments.

It's not often one can actually trace back the beginnings of a friendship. Especially when you're obnoxious like me and go "HAI THAR" to everyone you meet and only eventually realize that you've become amazing friends with someone. Like, I'm still not sure where this spouse of mine came from. He insists we met at a theater, but I just don't remember. Maybe I have a squid in my brain.

As it is, two years ago today (er, yesterday, as stupid RL made me unable to post this yesterday) I first chatted with the now-mun for ambitious_woman in this thread here. At the time I had only been playing the Doctor for two weeks and she was established as the resident TM Fred.

Her and I ended up chatting a lot, and eventually I introduced her to Doctor Who and, well, as they say, everything went downhill from there.

So! My list.

The Things I Have Learned As A Roleplayer (And A Person) From Being Friends With ambitious_woman

- One should always roleplay for themselves and for fun. Sometimes that means doing things other people don't get. Sometimes that means locking a thread until you're 100% finished with it. Sometimes it means locking a thread and never unlocking it. But as long as you and your RP partner(s) are having fun, that's all that matters.

- "One more tag before bed" is hardly ever one more tag.

- Sometimes saying that the pups won't become romantically involved at the beginning of the RP doesn't mean that they won't start talking Shakespeare to each other and the word "platonic" sort of gets thrown out the window.

- The most romantic stories don't always involve sex. Sometimes they don't even involve pleasant emotions.

- You are not always right. You're not always wrong, either. Thus, you should accept what you're right about and what you're wrong about and move on. Dwelling only leads to tummyaches.

- Christmas as a retailer sucks. RP Christmas parties are awesome distractions.


- RP is a shared experience. RP threads should be written by both partners, invented worlds should be co-created. Because unless you're walking into your muse's bedroom, there's no way they can expect absolutely everything they see or everything that happens. And that's usually the best part.

- Corsets kill people. Okay, maybe only my muse figured that one out.

- Quantity is only better than quality in the case of bottles of Diet Coke. Sometimes the best threads are the ones that take three months to complete.

- A sexually driven thread should always be different. If you can remove the names from an adult thread/story and still be able to tell which pups are involved, you're doing it right.

- Ferrets like Ipod cases.

- Angel was actually a good show after the Darla fiasco. Also, So You Think You Can Dance is not a horrific show. I refuse to say it's good. But I do like the contemporaries.

- Sophia Myles is a mini-goddess.

- Sometimes threads/storylines/plotlines don't work out. That doesn't mean you won't get upset, it doesn't mean you won't wish they worked, but sometimes they just don't. In which case, you work around it and move on.

- To err is human. To really fuck up requires that your name is "the Doctor".

- Replacing the "E" key on a keyboard is expensive.

- The best threads are the ones that are re-readable, especially on days when the muse is quiet and you think it's about time you said "TO FUCKING HELL WITH THIS". The best threads are the ones where you read it and go "But...I don't want to lose something like this." In case you were wondering, this one is mine.

- Being a friend doesn't mean you won't disagree. It doesn't mean you won't fight. It also doesn't mean you won't hurt each other. Being a friend means that you bring it up, talk it out, and things work out in the end.

Muse: The Doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 683
Tags: community: make your list, ooc: post of fun!
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