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OOC: Recommendation Post

So I'm heading out in all of five minutes for a date/club/thing where people try to make me be social. I hate being real sometimes.

My recs! You all rock!


As it is, this week I've only ficrecfriday recc'd two DW prompt-stories so I can catch everyone up on the fun things I've been reading on Teaspoon and not feel like an utter heel towards my non-DW friends. I used to put them in every fic rec, but since switching over to the comm I don't do that anymore. Anyhoo, here are my recs and a few of my favorites. =D

Pages From A Broken Book Series by azirona (spoilers for 4.13)
This was originally recc'd to me by ambitious_woman. I've been enjoying this immensely. It's a very different take on the post s4-finale and what happens next, especially to that character that was introduced that I despised UNTIL I read this.

Big Shock by skyhaitrist (spoilers up to 4.07)
STFU. It is not easy being a Ten/Donna shipper, much less finding fic that's really good. Here we go! Funny, touching, and sweet!

Ricky Smith by rallalon
Mickey, some Mickey/Jake
This is a great story. Wonderfully written, imaginative, and feels entirely true to Mickey. I like how everything doesn't fall into a perfect little world for him, it makes him that much more interesting.

Praxis by versaphile
Ten/Jack, Ten/Lucy, Ten/Simm!Master, NC-17
This was originally reccomended to me by dr_y_a_n_a. It's not an easy read, full of mindgames and disturbing imagery, but it's good enough and feels right enough that I'm almost willing to consider it fanon for the Doctor (gotta see what they do in the next chapter!)

Miniature Disasters by Carmen Sandiego
Eight/Romana II, some Ten/Martha and Ian/Barbara
This is just pure crack. BABIES, I TELL YOU. BABIES.

Water Music by azriona
Ten/River, OC
ambitious_woman hass been pressing me to read this for weeks now, and I finally have. I normally hate OC companions HATE HATE HATE, but this one is charming and fun and the whole story is wonderfully put together!

EDIT Cause WTF, I did have this on my notepad version of this post, but I apparently failed to C&P it before running out last night.

Postcards from the Edge of Everywhere by lollobrigida
Ten, Donna
A beautiful companion piece to one of my ficlets. It's wonderful all on its own as well. I couldn't have asked for better. <3
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