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She's too sincere for one so young.

Not the dainty Judy Garland, no, the Dorothy Gale the Doctor meets is a sassy farm girl with strong calves from running and a backbone as tough as the heels on her silver slippers. One night at Ezereckian karaoke they both belt out "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with about the same mediocre skill at both note-catching and lyric-remembering.

Funny, the things fairy tales get wrong.

He understands that. While she becomes a blue-check wearing princess in stories, he becomes some sort of a hideous monster with eyes that shoot fire and all that good nonsense. It's better that he knows her story and she doesn't know his. Of course, he imagines she'll ask him, eventually, about his stories. She asks him about everything else.

He's been traveling on his own too long. It's been a long time since there's been anyone wandering the halls of the TARDIS, asking what this is and what that is. The questions she asks aren't deflected easily, they sink in and he lets more of himself out. In turn, she's not used to company that understands her and her world and she finds herself relaxing around him. They talk about things and discuss emotions and do an absurd amount of running.

She makes him open up and he makes her feel.

She makes him go back for survivors he said weren't savable and he points at her firmly and insists she's brilliant. If there is one thing the fairy tales got right, she's got a ridiculous amount of Kansas modesty and he's got an overloaded sense of Time Lord ego.

Still, it makes for good balance.

They learn a lot about each other, as traveling companions often do. He knows how she likes her grilled cheese sandwiches and she knows his abhorrence towards pears. He knows how she takes her coffee (lots of cream, no sugar) and she knows how he likes his tea (clear, lots of honey). He knows she's never been in love and she knows his hearts are all but glued back together with crazy glue.

She's afraid he's never really going to put all those pieces back together.

He's afraid she's never going to fall in love.

Everyone should, he says. Though not with him, oh no. Brittle old man, he is. Already had his lessons in love. She says she's better than love. He thinks that's a silly way to think. She's only 116, after all. She's got a great big life ahead of her full of mistakes and foolish crushes and love.

Just not with him, he adds, and she agrees. She offers up her pinkie in a promise. Silliest thing, but her gaze is deadly serious. He rolls his eyes and links his pinkie with hers.

To never falling in love---with each other, at least.

Still, she smiles up at him with the edge of her lips in that twisty way and despite all protests he feels himself smiling back.

They walk back to the console room with their pinkies linked, off to another adventure.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 545
Based on RP with galeforcehero
Tags: featuring: dorothy gale, verse [active]: 00: open, verse [active]: hms afr
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