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For ninewho's journal anniversary (which was forever ago and I didn't mean to miss it!)

The packages are placed in the console room and rather unceremoniously zapped back in time for a certain friend's journal anniversary (as there's no real point in celebrating birthdays with yourself) that may or may not have been late.

There is a note attached.

Yeah, pretend these aren't belated. Also, pretend you're surprised that they are.
Happy belated anniversary,
Older Self

Leather converses. There is a note attached.
I figured it would be a) more stylish and b) Still sort of like you.

Self-explanatory. There is a note attached.
You need more friends.

And finally, a first edition of Bleak House by Charles Dickens, autographed to his biggest "fan", no note necessary.
Tags: featuring: the ninth doctor, topic: gift giving
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