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On Anniversaries And Other Things

As I'm sure any of my friends with email notifications of virtual gifts are aware, apparently I've been on this livejournal for two years starting today. Which, if you think about it, isn't a terribly long amount of time. Still, I've managed to make a lot of friends, enemies, and those odd little online stalker people in my time here.

For my virtual gifts, here is a list of thank-you emails...notes...things.

1) To galeforcehero for the tea: I know you didn't send it to me for my anniversary, but thank you very much. Forever, yes. Besides, who else would have the sort of conversations we have, eh?

2) To ambitious_woman for the roses: There you go, being more romantic than me. And, really, do you expect me to spend my time with someone else? "Love vanquishes time. To lovers, a moment can be eternity, and eternity can be the tick of a clock."

c) No. Wait. 3) To roseoflegend for the red card: (RS Verse) Me, laugh at you? Okay, probably. Still, you should share.

4) or possibly iv) To everybody_lives: You still haven't told me the story behind these. Although you can't see it, I'm smirking.

5) To banished_dame for the whipped cream, evil duckie, and star: a) Your mother is going to kill me. Kill me so fast I don't think I can regenerate. b) Really, though. Evil duckie vs. MonkeyMug? This can only end in tears. c) Thank you. I can always use one more star in my life. =D

f) To onlysayinghello for the tiara: No, I don't remember. To be honest, I'm sort of terrified to. Still! I imagine one of us will end up wearing this the next time we try out Gimbus.

7) To stitchthis_mate for the tea: I will, Jackie. And thank you.

xiii) To noble_companion for the llama (what???): Um. Well. Uh. Thanks, Donna. I don't know what, exactly, I'll do with it. But I imagine there's a pen somewhere around here, right?

9) or possibly i) To love_therunning for the cowbell: Is there really? I've heard of Wokyn but I've never been there. I heard rumors about something about a gold watch...still, this is brilliant! Thank you!

10) To inabouncycastle for the mistletoe dandelion: It's actually a...no, you know what? Thank you, Cassandra. I'll make sure to treasure it always. For the luck.

Well, that's all for now, hope you enjoy the rest of the...you know, day. Is it day? I think it's day.

Thanks to everyone who sent me v-gifts last night, it positively made my night. I'm awed it's been two years? But I'm glad I've met everyone I have and interacted with you all. <3<3 Special thanks to the muns of Reinette, River, Nine, Rose, Jack, Martha, Dorothy, Romana, Other!Ten, Lucy, Louis, Donna, Master, Mike, Rani, Fred, Sylar, Ace, Sarah Jane, Jo, Harry, Jenny, Ruby, Nathan, Peter, Sasha, Alec, the TARDIS, Doc Holliday, Aislinn, Illyria, and many others that I'm sure my sleep-deprived brain has forgotten. You all make me happy and keep me writing.

Special thank yous to the crew of relativespace for teaching me how to properly play an antihero and intensifying my love of Ten/Reinette; to the crew of shakeitup_pf for being so fun and so brilliant; and the crew of realityshifted because even though I'm new there you all aren't new to making me feel welcome and loved. And to all my wonderful writing comms, thank you for the inspiration.<3<3

Here's to another year, eh? Gotta do somethin' during '09 while all we've got is specials, yeah?
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