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for makeyourlist: List of bets to make.

In response to this.

- Bet you you won't get her to say it and she'll probably still be unamused.
- Bet you that if we are still here in five hours you've probably got us into some ridiculous kidnapping situation---what! It is always your fault!
- I bet you it is. I've definitely got a lock on the 70's this time---oh…1370's. 70's! I win!
- Bet you I won't lick it. Wait, I think I might have to.
- Bet you Jack would say that.
- Bet you it's the Darkness. They've been so quiet since the big tour in '03, they're definitely up to something.
- Bet you that your time machine won't be nearly as stylish as the TARDIS.
- Bet you I'll look ridiculously ungentlemanly if I ask 'which her?'.
- Bet you I can outrun you to the TARDIS for the next adventure.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 146
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