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Canon Work with everybody_lives

"I'm the Doctor and you're in the biggest library in the universe," the Doctor said, spinning around to face the swarm in Anita's suit. He liked Anita. She was everything he loved about humans: Smart, creative, curious, and brave despite being afraid.

And now she was that. It made him ill just to look at the thing, but he wouldn't back down. He had a chance to reason with the swarm, or at the very least frighten them. And he vaguely remembered meeting his own biographer at some point in the past (which could've been the future), he knew that he wasn't anything but completely terrifying.

The shadows shifted, moved back, contained.

"You have one day." Anita's voice but a different consciousness within.

The body dropped, a skeleton in a suit now. Nothing to be done but to work on his plan, on saving the rest of the people here and the 4,022 saved within Charlotte's memories. He spun around and went back to work.

No time to grieve, just time to plan. Plan to die---well, at least it would be a heroic death.
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