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OOC stuff

Cause I'm a geek, I want to give a hearty congratulations to Doctor Who executive producer Russell T. Davies (who doesn't read this) for recieving an OBE for his services to drama. And no matter my opinion on the end of LotTL, he brought back my favorite TV show, wrote tonight's amazing episode and deserves the honor in every way. He's the second Doctor Who producer to recieve this honor, after the late great Verity Lambert.

And also, because no OOC post is complete without it, a video. This is the DDR-DW video done by my spouse. Contains spoilers to 4.09 "Forest of the Dead". Also? I'm shocked no one has made a 4.08/4.09 video set to this song yet.

He tells me to tell you all that the end is his way of saying Donna > River. Because he may or may not ship Donna/Ten.
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