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for museimagination: You're the Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly


At the beach.

Really, the Doctor should've been less irritated with the entire situation. After all, he was in his favorite pair of swim shorts (the one with the bananas on them), wearing a new pair of sunglasses and his favorite tie. After all, he wasn't fully dressed without his suit jacket.

And he had his family around him. Well, his sort-of family.

On his right was his wife (sort of), Ace. Blue bikini, dark biker shades, tanning.

On his left was his wife (sort of), River. Red one-piece suit, futuristic red sunglasses, also tanning.

Splashing in the water were his daughters, Jenny. All ten of them, running around and playing with a few beach balls. As they all seemed to like green, they wore a variety of similarly-colored swimsuits. The effect was rather…well, odd.

"Why are there ten again?" River asked, tilting her head to the side as she watched them.

"His fault," Ace said, not bothering to lift up her head.

The Doctor nodded. "The Loom was jammed, so I kept hitting the button, trying to make it sort itself out. But by the time I realized there was a genetic jam, there were already ten in the queue."

"That's fairly irresponsible of you," River noted. She leaned back again.

"That's what I said." Ace smirked.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "It was your idea to Loom them."

"I had too much to drink!"

"Not so loud, they'll hear you."

"They all know!"

River laughed. "Squabbling like an old married couple, are you?"

The Doctor and Ace glared, which only made River laugh harder.

"Why did I marry you again?" the Doctor asked her.


"Marrying him's a fairly big spoiler, you know," Ace said. "It's made his girlfriend angry with him."

"She's not my girlfriend!"

"I'm not his girlfriend!" That would be Dorothy, running by in a silver bikini that matched her silver slippers. She stuck her tongue out at the Doctor then began to run again. What was she running from? Oh, that was his Eighth self, in blue shorts and his Edwardian top.

"Do you even have a chest underneath that suit?" Ace asked, staring after them and shaking her head.

"He does," River said, grinning madly as she tanned.

"Let me guess, spoilers?" Ace smirked.

"Mmmm," River agreed, her grin unceasing.

Again with the eyerolling. "I vaguely remember being a bachelor----"

"Not quite a month ago?" the women replied in unison. "Yes, we know."

Well, fine. The Doctor may very well have started pouting, but he wouldn't admit to it. He loosened his tie and took a sip of his banana daiquiri. He was running low; he'd have to call a Jenny out to get him another. It was actually convenient, having ten daughters named Jenny. He could say "fetch me a Jenny" and there were at least two that would enthusiastically hop over and help.

"It's his fault our children are ugly, too," Ace said, suddenly.

"Huh?" the Doctor turned to her. "What? Our children aren't ugly!"

"They look like your fifth self."

He looked back at the girls in the water. "You know, they do a bit. I don't think that makes them ugly at all. They're rather pretty, actually."

"Greaaaaaaaat, blonde and happy, not going to flirt with them, are you?" That would be Dorothy, running past them once again.

"Flirt with my own daughter? What sort of tabloidal nonsense is that?" the Doctor snapped. But it was too late, she was gone again with his Eighth self scurrying afterwards, muttering something about never ever ever ever regenerating.

"She is quite lovely," River said, nodding. "I think you two did a great job. Why didn't we make such a lovely child?"

Ace and the Doctor both turned to look at her. "What?"

"Spoilers. Drink your daiquiri."

The Doctor did so, and quickly. "I may need another."

"Careful with that," Ace said, leaning back again to tan. "When it comes to you, that's how babies are Loomed."

"Yeah," River said, leaning back herself. "Tell me about it."

It appeared the TARDIS was going to need to grow more rooms.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 689
Based on various cracky!RP in sixwordstories with (here we go)
And bunches of awesome Jennys!
Tags: community: muse imagination, featuring: dorothy "ace" mcshane, featuring: dorothy gale, featuring: jenny, featuring: river song
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