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Application to Reality Shifted

Player Name: MJ
Player LJ: electric_girl
Email and/or AIM: naughtygirlslikepolka AT gmail DOT com
Timezone: EST
Other Characters: None

Character: The Tenth Doctor
Series/Fandom: Doctor Who
Deviance: 1 (Canon)

Age: He'll say around 903, but he's actually closer to 1,400
Gender: Male
Species: Gallifreyan


Psychology: The Doctor is very old, which is probably the most
important characteristic to take into mind when analyzing his
personality. He has seen a lot and it's affected him. He doesn't
give second chances, doesn't want to. He practices revenge and brutal
justice, though never violence. He saves worlds, but not because
they're "good" or "beautiful". He does it because it's RIGHT.

Yet, despite the darkness and wisdom of his age, he still has an
overlaying mask of humor and naievite. He loves exploring, loves
bouncing from place to place, and loves the little things in life. He
also makes light of very serious situations, presumably to make them
easier for a companion or a friend who is there.

He needs people. He needs his companions, needs his friends. He
latches onto them and holds on for dear life. Alone, he's left with
his thoughts and his memories, with his companions he can be whatever
he wants them to think he is. A lover, a fighter, silly, sexy,
whatever. He's stubborn and rude but never cruel. "Never" of course
meaning "unless the situation permits."

General Skills/Abilities:
-Mild psionic abilities requiring touch and concentration
-Skilled fighter, expert at Venusian judo.
-Skilled marksman, though see if you can get him to use a gun
-Skilled swordsman, ditto for swords
-Significantly-above-human intelligence, training in a variety of
technical fields including computers, engineering, etc.

General Weaknesses:
-Allergic to aspirin
-Allergic to certain types of gases which turn celery purple
-Hates pears
-Fear of the dark

(Copied from my userinfo)
Several millenia ago, when a curse on the Timelord race stopped all
normal breeding, Gallifreyans began "weaving" new Timelords into
existence by use of a genetic Loom that would reconstitute beings and
thus keep the race in existence. Some 900 Gallifreyan years ago, an
unregistered child, weaved out of a human woman and a mysterious
Timelord known as 'the Other', was created. Individualistic and highly
anti-establishment, the man, who eventually adopted the alias 'the
Doctor', ran from his planet's legal authorities and stole a
broken-down Type 40 TARDIS along with his granddaughter, who
eventually adopted the name Susan Foreman.

Very little is known about the Doctor's family life, short of his
granddaughter, Susan, whom he doted on until the time of her death,
during the Time Wars. He grew many allies throughout many planets, not
the least of which was the Lady President of Gallifrey,
Romanadevortralundar (currently deceased), and it was rumored that the
two were lovers. He also allied himself with the human establishment
U.N.I.T. (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce), an anti-alien
military force headed by Brigader Alistar Gordon Leftbrige Stewart.
Although he has spent many centuries alone, it is rare for the Doctor
to land on Earth companionless, as showing the universe to a companion
is one of his greatest pleasures.

He traveled with Rose Tyler for a time during this incarnation,
eventually losing her to an alternate universe. He then traveled with
Martha Jones, losing her to her own world.

If permit table, I will push through Donna, River, and Jenny's
histories from this season into his canon as they develop.

Reality Description:
The Doctor is a time traveler, living in a blue police telephone box
that is larger on the inside than it is on the outside. By "larger",
it is actually a labyrinth sitting in its own interdimensional pocket
that exists solely for him, but really that's a completely different

What he sees, initially, is the Powell Estate in London, Earth. He's
been traveling alone for a while and has stopped off in a place he's
been before for the nostalgia.

The flats are all plain brick that are stacked on top of each other.
There's graffiti on the walls and childrens' toys lying about,
clearly recently discarded.

He's landed on a pleasant enough autumn day. Not too warm, not too
cold. It could almost be the perfect sort of day if he had someone to
share it with.

First Person Sample:

Third Person Role-play Sample:

Did you read the rules?
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