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For Sarah Jane's Birthday

The box is placed very carefully on K-9's back, and perhaps attached with a little bit of tape to make sure it doesn't fall off and break. There is also a note:

Happy birthday, Sarah! Now, I know I've been neglectful in years past, so here's a little something, hopefully to cheer you!
The Doctor

The first gift is, naturally, completely practical and comes with a note that says: For my favorite budding detective!

The second gift is right beneath it, wrapped in tissue paper (and sans the model, of course). The Doctor would of course say that he picked it out entirely by himself, but he really did have a lot of help from Sasha. Another note comes with it: For you, should be in your size. As I've also procured two tickets for the Opera (you do like the Opera, don't you?), I hope you'll wear it. Well, I also hope you'll come, I don't want to be too presumptuous.
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