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OOC: Recommendation Post & Other Stuff

Hey, sorry for all of the slow threads and missed tags, I've just started my new job and it's drained me. But! I have a three day weekend and I'll be catching up as much as I can.

Rather than three things and a lizard, I actually have two things and a reccomendation post.

1) I've overhauled the tracking community for myself and ambitious_woman and I'm working on listing all of the threads her and I have done for our various universes over the last few years. If you enjoy alt!Ten's 'verse, check it out: marked_by_you. *squishy love to Reinette!mun, without whom alt!Ten would never have existed*

2) I was working on a prompt yesterday and once completed I realized I had done the exact same thing mid last year. After nearly two years of writing the Doctor, I'm worried I'm repeating myself. So! Here's the question: What have I not done in ficlets that you'd like to see? Is there a pairing you want? A series I've let slide you want finished? An event the Doctor should go to? Please comment with your suggestions, or email me at naughtygirlslikepolka AT gmail DOT com. =)

Rec Post) http://community.livejournal.com/ficrecfriday/7136.html

Please join and recommend people you love. =D
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