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for whack_a_muse: Do you mind?

It's a sort of dance, actually.

He slides one hand along her side, feeling her warm up to his touch. They've danced this dance so many times before he wonders if she ever gets tired of it (he never does). But, of course, he sees her brighten and beckon him to touch her more. She's always been a bit of a tease. He reaches a hand to stroke one of her mounds and he can feel her sigh in contentment.

A hand reaches over to stroke the long, hard pole. One stroke, two, and with each he gets more and more excited. He slides a finger down to tease her hard nub and he can feel her gasp in surprise. He's usually a pretty forward bloke, but even this is a little forward for him. And she's moving right where he wants her to.

His hands move over her surface, teasing and prodding and testing, each movement bringing her ever closer to that sweet release. She moans. A long, pleasured sound. He smiles. He's got her now.

"Do I need to leave you two alone?"

The Doctor turns away from the console, looking positively irritated.

"Donna! Do you mind?"

"Sorry, forgot you need a little alone time with your ship every now and again." She puts her hands on her hips. "Do you have any idea how weird that looks? You all stroking that stick thing and twisting around on the console?"

"I'm trying to reroute the subatomic adapters and extend the TARDIS's corerefractor life!"

"Oh, is that what you're trying to extend? Could've fooled me."

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 277
Tags: community: whack a muse, featuring: donna noble, featuring: the tardis, warnings: sexual innuendo
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