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for makeyourlist: List of the things you love about your partner.

Aka: Why the TARDIS is better than a regular female partner.

I can calculate the peak performance of The TARDIS.
I can change the look of The TARDIS.
I can keep The TARDIS from stalling (you know, usually).
I can share The TARDIS with my friends.
I can use The TARDIS in public.
I don't have to be jealous if Jack wants to work on the TARDIS.
If I accidentally insult the TARDIS, I don't have to say I'm sorry before I can fly it again.
If the TARDIS makes too much noise, I can install a muffler.
The TARDIS always feels like going for a ride.
The TARDIS always listens and never argues.
The TARDIS can be turned on by a flick of a switch.
The TARDIS comes with a manual. I may not use it, but if I needed to…
The TARDIS does not object to a preflight inspection.
The TARDIS doesn't care if I have no manners.
The TARDIS doesn't complain about insensitivity.
The TARDIS doesn't complain about the way I drive.
The TARDIS doesn't cry or yell.
The TARDIS doesn't go crazy once a month.
The TARDIS doesn't have a mother.
The TARDIS doesn't make me go shopping for anything but spare parts.
The TARDIS doesn't mind getting dirty.
The TARDIS doesn't tease or play hard to get or get generally confusing.
The TARDIS doesn't worry about someone walking in.
The TARDIS don't care about how many other companions I fly with.
The TARDIS don't care if I am late. (Which is often)
The TARDIS don't insult me if I give the impression that I may be a bad pilot.
The TARDIS don't take forever to warm up.
The TARDIS don't whine unless something is really wrong.
The TARDIS is always ready to leave on time.
The TARDIS is easy to roll over.
The TARDIS looks the same in the morning.
The TARDIS moves when I tell it to (usually).
The TARDIS never asks me to change the radio station.
The TARDIS never complains when I take it somewhere unusual.
The TARDIS never fishes for compliments.
The TARDIS never has a headache.
The TARDIS never wants a night out alone with the other TARDISes.
The TARDIS will always wait patiently for me outside.
The TARDIS won't make me eat some experimental vegetarian meal in order to help me "put on a few pounds".
The TARDIS won't make me pick up ridiculously embarrassing feminine hygiene products when I go to the grocery store.
The TARDIS's thrust to weight ratio is probably higher.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 423
Tags: community: make your list, featuring: the tardis, verse [meta]
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