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For Dorothy's Birthday (Which is actually on the 7th, but when have I ever been on time?)

This box is placed outside of Dorothy's door to open whenever she feels is appropriate. 116th birthdays don't happen every day, you know!

There is a note attached:

Happy birthday, Dorothy! Hope you like these gifts. If you don't...well, next time tell me what you want! I had to guess! I'm terrible at guessing!

The Doctor

When the box is opened, it plays a copy of Boy Least Likely To's "Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star". Why? Because that song is fantastic, obviously!

And a note:
Something shiny but practical. It's a Terrestria Compass, only it's set to the TARDIS as north. So a bit of a homing beacon, if you'd like! Did I mention shiny? I like the shiny.

No note needed. Why? Because these are awesome, that's why. And in Dorothy's size. Not because he measured her slippered feet or anything.
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