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OOC: Frequently Asked Questions about Doctor Who and my roleplaying.

UPDATED AS OF 25/01/09

As people participating in the poll were either indifferent or interested, I've written up a FAQ. To be honest, I did a bit of copying & pasting, so it gets rather tl;dr. I'll be posting this to the Doctor's userinfo.


Who is the Doctor?
The Doctor is a 900 year old Time Lord. He's a rebel, a troublemaker, and a connoisseur of great bananas. He looks and sounds like a human, but he's actually an alien from the planet Gallifrey. His body is cold to the touch and he has two hearts, but other than that he's indistinguishable from a human upon sight.

At a the age of eight he was sent to the Academy where he studied becoming a Time Lord alongside Koschei (aka: the Master). He stole a TARDIS to run away and see the stars. He was a father, then later a grandfather. He fought in the Time War and eventually destroyed all of both his species and the Daleks in a fatal blast "to end the War". He now travels alone (or with a companion) riddled with guilt.

Please remember these ficlets I'm linking you to are interpretations of my version of the Doctor and have nothing to do with other people's interpretation of him.

NEW: Do you follow the idea of the Doctor being half-human?
Yes. It was in the movie and it is therefore part of my canon. I know it is something that is frequently disregarded by fans, but I think that the Doctor being half-human and therefore less than his fellow Time Lords makes him significantly more interesting for how much infamy he eventually acquired. This could be essay-length if I go too far into it.

NEW: You frequently refer to the Doctor's "son" in stories and RP. Where is this in canon?
It isn't. It is a piece of his background I invented. I know he had to have a child, but we know nothing about this child. In my personal canon, he had a son whom he neglected who eventually fathered Susan, whom the Doctor doted on.

NEW: Why do you keep mocking the Doctor's age? The Doctor is 903, he said so in canon!
The Doctor is also 250, 765, and 965. He said so in canon. I believe the Doctor is around 1,200 years old and is just too damn vain to admit it.

Things we do not know in canon:
-The Doctor's true name
-The Master's true name
-The Rani's true name
-Anything about the Doctor's children or family
-The Doctor's true age

What is the TARDIS?
The TARDIS is the Doctor's spaceship. It's shaped like a blue police telephone box and is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. The TARDIS is alive and symbiotically connected to the Doctor. I am obsessed with their connection and you will read a lot of stuff about the Doctor and his living Time machine.

What was the Time War?
It was a War, spanning decades, between the Time Lords of Gallifrey and the Daleks of the now non-existent Skaro (destroyed in "Rememberance of the Daleks"). Every "intelligent" race was affected, many planets were lost or destroyed. The destruction of Gallifrey and the Daleks signaled the end of the War, but many species are still heavily affected by its outcome.

What is regeneration?
It is a process in which every single cell of a Time Lord's body is altered, changed, and shifted, preventing them from dying. It's a sort of "extra life" and a death prevention. All Time Lords are allotted 13 lives, though it has been shown in the past that they can acquire more from other Time Lords.

NEW: Will this journal be changing to an Eleven journal with series five?
No. This journal will remain a Tenth Doctor journal. Any Eleven fiction I write in the future will be on my Teaspoon And An Open Mind account.

Who is the Master?
The Doctor's closest friend and arch enemy. A Moriarty to his Sherlock Holmes. The "Master of all things" to his "Doctor of everything". They began as nicknamed Theta Sigma (the Doctor) and Koschei (the Master) at the Academy. Over the course of time they fell apart badly.

NEW: Do you ship it?
Yes. Fine. Thanks a lot savagestime and salvagestime. I was Doctor/Master free for a while there.

What are companions?
"Danger makes companions of us all," the first Doctor said. A companion is a traveling partner with the Doctor. They must either travel with the Doctor or be a constant assistant (see: Liz Shaw) to be part of that.

I know something about Doctor Who that you don't.
Oh, come on, shaman_x! Why do you have to rub it in??

Srsly, though, if I get something canonically incorrect, please don't hesitate to tell me. I make mistakes and I'm imperfect. I want my writing to be the best it can be, so I love advice and corrections.


Name? A/S/L?
My name is MJ, I'm 24, buy me a drink first, and I'm on EST.

Where can I learn about Doctor Who?
Honestly, the best place to look for information about DW is on wikipedia. The crew over at doctorwho keep it up-to-date and very informative. I know if there's canon I just can't remember, I always check there. Also, check out the BBC website, or one of my favorite sites (run by someone significantly more obsessed than I.)

I also recommend you check out the show! It airs Saturday nights on BBC One and Friday nights at 830 on the Sci-Fi channel! It's an excellent show. Well, I obviously think so, at least. I've been watching it since I was 10 and I've seen every existing episode (I will admit to being rustier on the Pertwee eps, though...=/). I've also listened to many audios and read many books. I'm what they call a "fangirl".

What is your friending policy?
I friend all RP journals that friend me. I would love it if you'd drop me a line to introduce yourself, but if you're an RPer, I'll friend you. I don't friend back mun journals. It's just for my own sanity, keeping RP RP and RL RL and all that. Anyone can comment on my ficlets, either ICly or OOCly, but I will only reply OOCly to mun journals.

As requested, a dictionary of sorts:
Pup = Puppet. A character.
Mun = Mundane. A real-life person. My mun journal is electric_girl.
RP = Roleplay
RL = Real Life
IC = In character
OOC = Out of character

NEW: Do you write in any other Tenth Doctor journals?
No. Any AU or canonical Tenth Doctor storylines are only in this journal. All other Tens (and I follow quite a few!) are written by other authors.

Do you have 'verses'?
I do, they are findable here. In general, if the Doctor is talking to your pup randomly in an open community like dw_spazz or sixwordstories, it's an Open Verse Doctor.

I try to make things extremely easy. If, for any reason, you are confused, just ask.

Can my character play with the Doctor?
Absolutely. Since the Doctor is a time-traveling nomad, it's usually easy to have him just land randomly in your time zone. Sometimes, RP is incredibly slow for me. I get overwhelmed or (like right now) I'm dealing with work-related issues that keep me from tagging back quickly. But please don't hesitate to ask. I love playing and meeting new people and even re-acquainting myself with older friends I haven't chatted with in a while. And even if I'm slow, I don't forget about threads. If you're worried I have, just prod me gently.

NEW: I've seen you playing in another thread tonight but you haven't tagged mine. What gives?
Sometimes when overwhelmed, I'll work on two or three specific threads and leave the others for another night. Please don't think I'm avoiding you, I'm probably just focusing on someone else I've neglected a while.

Can my character hook up with the Doctor?
You know, I won't say 'no', cause who knows where RP will take you. But I will never start out a thread going "LET'S GET EM TOGETHA," because sometimes that just doesn't happen. If your pup is persistent and the Doctor is willing, who knows, right? That being said…

Can the Doctor marry/impregnate/stay forever with my pup?
Absolutely not. Marriage is something I don't even touch on with the Doctor (special cases have come up, but they are special!), and I hate hate hate baby plots. I don't hate reading them, I just hate playing them. No babies. Sorry, no. No. No. No. Why is this something I'm asked a lot? Baby what? Unless 4.06 f's up my fanon, there are Looms and stuff. 4.06 didn't f up my canon! There are Looms and stuff! Period! As for forever? The Doctor can live forever, but I'm not going to have him stay somewhere forever. He doesn't do domestic, and I won't restrict him to one timeline.

Can the Doctor drive my pup to (insert location)?
While I am 100% up for playing traveling threads and getting the Doctor involved in many things, please don't make him an intergalactic taxi cab. The TARDIS is a very sophisticated time machine, not your pup's roller-scooter to a booty call. Plot = OKAY. Just want to go somewhere = Take a plane.

Why is the Doctor so mean to me?
For relativespace: He's alt!Ten. He hates everyone. Especially you.

For everywhere else: It's IC, not OOC, and the Doctor can come off as abrasive. For that, I apologize. I won't, however, have him be perfectly okay with a gun-toting character or smile pleasantly at a scientist who doesn't know her science.

You suck at playing the Doctor.
That's not what your Mom said last night.

Who do you ship?
Canonically, I ship lots of things. Mostly Doctor/TARDIS, because if he's got a soulmate, his ship is it.

I do ship Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha, Doctor/Reinette, Doctor/Romana, Doctor/Jack, and even a little bit Doctor/Donna but don't tell Sam or Megs, they'll think I'm weird. I do not ship Doctor/Master except in an it-happened-in-the-past way (and even then only occasionally). I find their relationship sensual but certainly not sexual. I also ship Doctor/Master, but in a sensual, twisted way. No sunshine and roses and happy puppies for those two. I also have special places in my heart for other weird canon pairings, and I have special fun places in my heart for crazy non-canon ships.

That being said, I'm a romantic by nature, but I focus on plot. I don't do PWP. Also, if our pups start moving towards, uh, adult, uh, nature and you are uncomfortable with explicit writing, just tell me. I will not be upset, disappointed, or think less of you. Fade to black is a wonderful writing tool and I'm not afraid to use it.

I heard about such and such drama going on with such and such person.
Take it to TMZ. The Doctor's journal is a drama-free zone. If you try to cause drama in his journal or in one of his subsequent communities, I will ban you from his journal. I have thus far only had to ban four people in the three-year history of the Doctor's journal. I think we're doing all right. I play RP to have fun and I think everyone else should, too.

And to cut this one off at the head: Who are those four people?
None of your business.
Can I guess?

What communities do you moderate?
I only moderate ficrecfriday along with goldented.

I don't do a lot of co-modding or moderating because I just don't have enough time.

I found this ficlet that looks surprisingly like yours. What should I do?
Link me to the plagiarized ficlet and I will take care of it.

I have (insert an issue) with you.
That's all right. Problems happen, miscommunications happen. Just talk to me. We can sort it out. I'd rather you emailed me and told me you were upset rather than just bottled it up. Working with people demands communication. If you don't communicate, nothing gets fixed.

God, this thing was crazy-ass long.
I know, I'm sorry.

If you have any other questions you don't see here, please feel free to ask. I'll screen the comments. <3<3
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