A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger) wrote,
A Servant to Time and Consequence

for albumconcepts: K's Choice "Almost Happy": Somewhere

There's something about this day
That feels a lot like yesterday
Everything looks the same:
The wall, the tv set
The way I move around myself to be
Somewhere over there
Where things just seem to grow
Where somebody seems to know
What they want from me

I never felt like I belonged
To anything or anyone
Still I depend on you
For every single thing
I could be wrong about so much, but
Somewhere over there
Where things just seem to grow
Where somebody seems to know
What they want from me

Following this.

He won the argument, he realized.

She was somewhere else, off in her room. He was in the drive plate room, not even going into the console room out of fear that she'd be right there.

He supposed that spoke volumes all into itself.

She'd hovered around the console room for a bit after their argument (probably making sure he wasn't going to Earth like he'd threatened), then wandered off. At first he didn't care where she went, he was so focused on the console. Eventually he relaxed and let his ship confirm that she was safe in her room.

Well, in her room. She wouldn't be safe until he got her somewhere safe. Away from the war that Dean and Sam were brewing. Away from pain and suffering and war…

She was just too young. She just didn't understand. For all that he leaned on her, for all that he needed her, she needed to understand that he knew better. In this case, he knew and she just didn't! She was being unreasonable.

Maybe he was. He couldn't even keep track anymore.

She wanted him to believe it wasn't his decision. Wasn't his responsibility but it was. He had to keep her safe. He had to. She was…well, he was…

He was never very good at expressing feelings. "You're just being the Doctor," Romana would've said with an irritated snort. He wasn't even certain he could've replied to Rose's words of love back on the beach because it made the emotion too real.

He would've rather shown her. Through keeping her safe or…just shown her. Even expressing with connection was so much easier than trying to say something. But maybe he was just too much of a coward.

But he won. The argument was his. She wasn't going to fight; she was going to go be safe.

His chest ached.

It didn't feel like he won.

No, quite the opposite. A part of them that hadn't been explored (the angry, cold, cruel parts) had come out. They'd fought and that felt absolutely ridiculous. It hurt. It hurt like a burn or a cut.

Most wounds, if they healed correctly would feel better later.

Not this and he knew it.

It would feel worse later.

It would feel worse because of him.

He just hoped that Rose wouldn't figure out how much until then.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 394
Based on RP with banished_dame
Tags: community: album concepts, featuring: rose tyler, plot: demon war, verse [active]: couples therapy
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