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For Rose's Birthday (Technically on the 27th, but we're timey-wimey today)

Because the Doctor isn't certain he'll be around on the 27th, or that he'll remember properly, he decides to set Rose's birthday gifts a little early. He won't admit to having asked both his fifth self and Sarah Jane for advice on what to get because that would make him look incompetent in the realm of gift-giving, which he is not! Not that he was originally planning to buy her light-up bracelets or anything. Maybe he was, but he would've come to his senses eventually!

All the same, this box is placed outside of her room for her to open at her leisure. The note attached says:

Happy birthday, Rose.
The Doctor.

The largest box contains the most sensible and fashionable shoes the Doctor knows of. In a color he hopes Rose will appreciate. If nothing else, she'll be able to run faster with them.

In the second box are two tickets and a note that says "You, me? Date?"

The final, smallest box contains a bracelet. The Doctor may just be corny enough for rose gold for Rose. Maybe. Just a little bit.
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