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for makeyourlist: List of Reminders

- Don't forget Rose's Earth Day Party
- Set up donations for Cassidy Mutant Health Center for John Allerdyce
- Grocery shop
- Call Martha, ask where she's put the little "While you were out" papers
- Buy flowers for Lorna, she could use some cheering up
- Lunch with Ford
- Buy new laser spanner
- Drop Nathan and Peter emails
- Thank you letter for Tir Na N'Og for the tour
- Don't forget Rose's Earth Day Party
- Get Haircut
- Experiment on Dorothy's slippers
- Write pre-experimentation apology letters to Dorothy in case something goes wrong
- Hide monkeymug
- Get Alec home at a reasonable hour
- Buy mercury
- Tea with the Rani?
- Visit Sarah Jane and Luke!
- Rewire subterfelian hoses below the console
- Don't forget Rose's Earth Day Party
- Drinks with Jack, bring new Gimbus line
- Reprint apology letters for Jack's spouses
- Couples therapy Thursday
- Take Ruby somewhere else extremely warm
- Apologize to Reinette (you know you have a reason)
- Check in on Sylar, it's been a while
- Really, though, you should get a haircut
- Repair jacket
- Check on the Brigadier and Donna

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 202
No specific universe, just based on lots of crazy interactions with awesome pups!
Tags: community: make your list, verse [active]: 00: open
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