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OOC: Fic Rec Friday!

Well, I've been asked so I'm gonna tell you. Where did my weekly fic rec posts go? They haven't vanished, they have migrated!

Me and the lovely mun for his_sarah_jane have combined our powers of awesome to bring you ficrecfriday, where prompt community responses can be fangirled, fanboyed, and appreciated! You don't have to be a writer to be a member or to recc fics, but recc'd fics need to be from a prompt or challenge community.

I will be doing my weekly rec posts in there from here on out! I hope to see posts from you all, too! You can post one set of recommendations (3-10 recs each) every Friday, starting tomorrow!

Please join and please participate! Everyone needs a little recognition and love! And I know I love it when people recommend good fics for me to read!

And to make this OOC post complete, here's a Doctor Who video that I didn't make, but ambitious_woman linked me to and I love.

ETA: Oh! And anyone who would like their community to affiliate, just let me know!
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