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It was probably not entirely safe to be up on this roof. He didn't know how strong the planking was, but...well, it couldn't have been that bad. These places would stay up until at least the 21st century. He lay on his back against the hard paneling of the roof and looked up at the stars.

It was all right, looking at them from the window, but tonight he needed to just lay and stargaze. At first he lay on the wet grass outside but it wasn't enough. A ladder, left behind by a worker earlier in the day, became his route to the rooftop. He'd left a note for Reinette, of course. Didn't need her worrying about him.

It hurt, thinking that his human companion had to worry about him. He'd only been there a little over a month, and he was already becoming a fixture in this life of Reinette's. Another responsibility. He never wanted to be a burden to her. Never ever.

He sighed and stared up at Orion. It used to be a guiding star, now it was just a blaring example of what he didn't have anymore.
Tags: featuring: madame de pompadour, roleplay: incomplete, verse [active]: relative space
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