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for fandom_muses: #42 Your Best Friend

Once upon a time there was a mysterious wizard in a time traveling machine. Brilliant fellow, knew more about the universe than anyone else out there (apart from, perhaps, the great King Boe, but he's another story all together, isn't he?)

The wizard knew spells, knew how to defeat evil with a wave of his magic wand. He didn't know how to stay in one place, though, didn't know how to live in the worlds he was saving. He still loved them, though, the worlds, the people. Everything.

There was a great War. People all over the universe fought each other, hurt each other. The wizard tried to help, but he made many mistakes that hurt a lot of people. A lot of people. He became a monster, a nightmare. He didn't even want to be around himself. When the War was over, the wizard was alone.

Then, one day, the wizard was fighting evil plastic monsters in a great shopping castle and he met a beautiful peasant girl. She was smart and brave and saved the wizard from making more mistakes that might've hurt even more people. The wizard saw how smart and brave the peasant girl was, and he asked her to join him on his travels. She said yes.

The peasant girl became his apprentice, and he taught her all that he knew. The wizard showed her the end of the world, giant ice waves, planets of impossibleness. He even took her to the Olympics, once. Couldn't manage to make it to a concert, though. Uh, all the same, he showed her as much of the universe as he could and they became best friends. Eventually they fell in l…

One day, the wizard and the peasant girl were fighting an army of evil monsters from the wizard's past. The wizard opened up a hole to zap the monsters into the Voide. Uh, a big black space of nothing. The peasant girl tried to hold on, but fell, and wound up trapped far, far away from the wizard. She had her family, but wanted to travel with the wizard, he had his travels but wanted to be with the peasant girl. They could never meet each other ever again, and that broke the wizard's hearts, as he cared so much for the peasant girl.

Is that all?

Pretty much, yeah.

That doesn't have a very happy ending, Doctor.

Not all stories do.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 405
Tags: community: fandom muses, featuring: rose tyler
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