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RP for galeforcehero!

Things the Doctor is not fond of:

1) Unrequited love
2) Burnt Toast
c) wait. 3) Bus stations
4) Interdimensional travel

Stilllllllllllll, it can't be that bad. He's just popping "over the rainbow", as it were, to pick up a friend. Well, an acquaintance. Still! She'd be brilliant! He'd been wanting to ask Dorothy to travel with him for a while, she seemed very keen on the idea.

He gripped the side of the console and set the TARDIS for her home coordinates. A little bit of turbulence later and....there he was! Hopefully "now" was a good time...

OOC: Couldn't resist! If this isn't good, drop me an email at naughtygirlslikepolka AT gmail DOT com!
Tags: featuring: dorothy gale, roleplay: complete, verse [active]: hms afr
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