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for makeyourlist: List of Enemies (Enemy Races, That Is)

Primitive race, entirely too obsessed with their stomachs.
They're three times what they appear.
You'd think a possessed mannequin would go out of style, eventually!
Nasty bloke. He has no good 'side'.
*Brains of Morphoton
Should not have eyes sticking out of themselves.
It's good to have two hearts.
Not to be confused with Kamelieon, who goes under the "companion" section of this Index File.
*Cheetah People
Products of their planet, but beware upon approach. See also: The Master
Not your average turtles. The pacifistic types are nice, though.
See: Kronos
Not very nice. Ever. See also: Cybermats.
See full article. See also: Time War. See also: Things not to do when you're upset. See also: Rose Tyler. See also: Stop blaming yourself.
See also: Extraplanar species. In general not very nice. Occasionally there are exceptions. See: Ruby.
Bringer of darkness, eater of worlds. Tends to like handmaidens for reasons unknown. (Status: Deceased)
See: Koquillion.
Ruthless and nasty. See also: Quarks.
I don't think they exist.
Very big, very nasty. Not fond of the color yellow.
Seemingly so perfect, but they need to drain life force. Very good at complimenting.
Godlike creatures, no emotions. In general, at least. Not a fan. Few exceptions. See also: Time, Death, and Pain.
Savage and quite terrifying. See also: Dalek alliances.
Obsessed with motorbikes. Sharp teeth, very nasty. Fortunately, only around during the end of the universe.
Slug-like, obsessed with reproduction. Not unlike the population of Los Angeles.
Own race? Check on this. Space pirates. Greedy!
Lost own planet in War. All deceased. See also: Gwen Cooper.
Diminutive. Troublesome. Excellent for figuring out if a companion is worth taking along.
Futuristic humanoids caused by centuries of pollution. Hypnosis and blood drain. Can be reasoned with.
*Host, The
More trouble than help, if you ask me. I think this commentary is starting to get a little out of hand.
*Ice Warrior
Only in cold climates. Conquering and very dangerous.
A vicious, callous, warlike race whom the universe won't miss.
Intergalactic thugs.
The race from which the Daleks evolved. See: Davros.
They're like fanboys of Earth. I can sympathize.
Like humans but with really long necks. Bat-like creatures with wings. Obsessed with Time Lord regeneration.
It's really just a squid.
Unpleasant plantlife.
Intelligent and terrifying. Warp mental images, disrupt the time-space continuum. See also: Fairies. See also: Tegan Jovanka.
*Maggot, Giant
When touched, they cause death. A...green death.
*Mandragora Helix
Thinks it knows more about the future than I do.
*Marsh men/spiders
Evolutionary Alzarians. See also: Adric
Justice machines. Programmed to do their duty as judge, jury, and excecutioner. Terrible defense, honestly.
Annoying little disgusting creatures who are very eager to sell and make money.
Adversaries (?) to the Daleks, only real goal is to take over the universe. Fantastic hair, though.
Submarine creature, usually in cohorts with Sea Devils.
Sadistic and cruel, despite the lovely shade of purple of their skin.
Living plastic. Excellent weapon: Anti-plastic. See: Autons.
Not unlike a minotaur. Fond of maidens and virgins. Not sure why they wanted Romana.
GIANT MOVING ROCKS! Lives on blood. Terrifying.
Sontarans if Sontarans were mentally stilted. See: Ogres.
Vindictive, God-like creatures with a love of puzzles and a hatred for each other.
Violent and vicious. Straws, honestly! Straws! See: Vampire
Unpleasant reaction to infection. See also: Benton
From the Dark Times. Spider-like and vindictive. Seems to think she has a sense of humor.
Cleanser of time "wounds". It is unpleasant to be eaten by one of these.
Enemy of the Sontarans. Giant green globs that can change shape. Rather scary, actually.
Creation of the Family of Blood, animated straw.
*Sea Devils
Pretty much as terrible as the name states. Intelligent and ruthless. As are most of my enemies, I've discovered.
Fond of high temperatures, plasma, and destroying things. Check for impregnated key members of Parliament when investigating.
Status: Extinct. There should've been another way.
Solid leather, animated and given instructions. See also: Plasmavore. See also: Jack Harkness's leather fetish.
From Raxacoricofallapatorius, these beings are obsessed with destruction, profit, hunting, and War. Use the most tacky zippers to conceal their identity.
Enemies of the Rutans. The muscle, but they do have many intellectual qualities. Known for experimenting on the inhabitants of potentially conquestable planets. Short.
*Spider, Giant
Metebelis Three used to be so nice, too...
Noble and intelligent, they're really just in it to conquer and kill. Will retreat when losing a battle of honor. See: Harriet Jones.
Lizard-like creatures with a great love of art and beauty and war. Many are sentenced to the mines of Raaga. Study more Tereleptian law before encountering again.
See: Humans
Economic conquistadors. Seem to think that Time Lords have low market value.
*Varga Plants
Originally from Skaro, cause violent reactions to anyone pricked by them.
Extinct. Possibly immoral to show images of them to anyone under the age of 18. Plant life, very dangerous.
*Weeping Angels
The Lonely Assassins. Feed off potential energy. Quantum-locked, so don't blink.
Lycanthropes. Disease spread through the blood causing full-body transformation.
Insect-like creatures that use bodies as hosts for their egg-laying. Dangerously self-sufficient, only needing to stop on a planet for food and oxygen occasionally.
When I say run, run.
Coral-like shape shifters. Home world destroyed, looking to colonize new planets.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 953
Tags: community: make your list
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