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OOC: Recommendation Post

I'm not exaggerating when I tell y'all this is the THIRD time I have written this up. I usually keep a notepad open on my computer and when I find something I like, I add it. Yeah, my computer's been doing this crashing thing, so I've only got a quarter of what I originally had. I'm so sorry! And Megs, can you link me to that Reinette!hate!fic parody? I want to rec that like whoa.


Doctor Who

MITS Response: Lover I Don't Have To Love by imatwat
CT Response: Trust by banished_dame
Cover Stories by ChristinaK (crossover with Firefly)
Mirrors by rosa_acicularis
Bad Moon Rising by hofficoffi
AU Muses Response: Might Break You by lastgallifreyan
MTM Response: Three Words by banished_dame
MGW Response: Replace Your Muse... by his_sarah_jane
CT Response: Sacrifices for a relationship by ambitious_woman
OS Response: Beginnings by ninewho

Other Fandoms

Darkening My Doorstep by occupymymind
TM Response: Never Pray for Justice by c_macaulay
TM Response: I swear I didn't put those... by john_h_holliday
WAM! Response: I sold my soul by ohgodkillme_now
ULY Response: I'm Broken by im_notlikethem
TM Response: Mad by john_ispyro
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