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OOC: Recommendation Post

Have I mentioned how ridiculously excited I am for April 4th? Also, wtf is going on with Torchwood? Why is it so good? Wednesday's episode made me cry. My heart is a dried up little rotten apple of cynicism, why was I crying? Anyhoo, here's my sort-of weekly rec post!

Doctor Who

MITS Response: Catch of Breath by ambitious_woman
TM Response: Sleeping on the Couch by thisway_comes
CT Response: What would your child look like? by broken_clock
OS Response Beginning by ninewho
TM Response: Sleeping on the Couch by eleventh_doctor

Other Fandoms

TM Response: Sleeping on the couch by valrichards
Jealousy by pinkhairedauror
Infinite Regret by fightsinfront
MITS Response: Pleasure welled up in my throat... by huntersdaughter (NC-17)
Assassination Attempt on Senator Kelly by mutantwatch, shaman_x, speed_of_snark, and john_ispyro

What would totally rock my world? If you guys reply with posts you think are awesome that I missed. I'd love to read more, and I love to see writers who are credited for great work!
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